Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Store open! More Items Coming Soon

Hello everyone! We here at Celtic Eternity have been working hard to make sure our new line of Celtic jewelry is sharp and ready to show the world. To start, we will be launching with several unique and detailed rings and pendants available in Sterling Silver. (Pendants available now, rings are coming very soon...)

 At Celtic Eternity, you will find incredibly detailed, 3-dimensional Celtic weaves of both traditional knot patterns, and some completely original patterns as well. We pride out work on being both high quality jewelry, and fun to wear. Here is a teaser for now, stay tuned for more items available this August 2012!!

Many unique ring designs including 3-d relief, engraving, and some with stones coming soon!

A teaser of some of the pendants available in our store this August, 2012.

Thanks for reading! 


PS> You can find us at the following social media outlets so far:

Twitter: @CelticEternity


  1. Love your stuff. I wonder if Things Celtic in Austin, TX would be interested, particularly in your owl. You can find them on facebook.

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